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Child Tax Credit application and quick helpline number

What is Child tax credit?

Child tax credit is given to people who have children under the age of 16 years or children under 20 years provided they are in fulltime education or training.

Eligibility for Child tax credit

To be eligible for child tax credit then the age of the child must be below 16 years or below 20 years if they are in fulltime education or training. Besides that then you as the applicant must be the primary carer of the child.

What if there’s more than one person taking care of the child?

If for instance the child sleeps at your place, they have their clothes and toys at your house or if you pay for their meals and give them pocket money then you are considered as the primary carer of the child. If you are taking care of the child together with another person and you are not able to decide who the primary carer is, then both of you can apply for the child tax credit and they will decide for you who the primary carer is. Then the benefits will be given to the primary carer of the child.

What of non-biological children?

Even if you are not the biological parent but you are the primary carer of the child then you qualify for child tax credit as long as you do not get money from the local council for the children you are taking care of. If you receive any money from the council you may contact the credit tax helpline to know if you qualify.

What if you just moved to the UK?

Then you must wait at least three months before you can apply for Child tax credit. There are some exceptions however on who is not eligible even after three months, for instance refugees.

Requirements for to be eligible for child tax credit

There are some basic things that you will need to have before you make that call to the helpline to ask if you can get the child tax credit contact number. One you need to have your personal details in check for instance; your national insurance number, your physical address and the telephone numbers you can be reached at. You could also be needed to provide proof of; your bills, your total income, your taxes, your benefits, the child’s education for a period of about three years and proof that you take care of the child. All these things just go to prove that you are the carer of the child.

Making a claim for child tax credit

To make a claim for the child tax credit then you will need to have a form filled out. The application form is requested from the child tax credit office and it may take a fortnight before it gets to you. After duly completing the form and attaching all the requirements It may take a further 5 weeks to have your application processed.

The child tax credit Elements you can get

There are several elements that you can get in the child tax credit. These are the family element and the child element. In the family element you receive up to £545. In the child element you are paid for each child that you have applied for. In this element you get up to £2,780. Depending on the condition of the child you can also be given the disabled or the severely disabled child elements. In the disabled child element you can receive up to £3,140 for each disabled child on top of the child element. In the severely disabled child element you will receive up to £1, 275 for each severely disabled child on top of the child and the disabled elements.

What affects the child tax report you receive?

There are some factors that will affect the amount of the child tax benefits that you will receive. For instance if you get a job or lose a job, if you lose a partner, if you or your partner becomes disabled and if your child becomes disabled. So your child tax credit may go up or down depending on your current situation. It is therefore imperative that you contact the child tax helpline anytime that the situations in your life change which can change your child tax credit.

How is the child tax credit paid?

The benefits are paid directly in to the primary bank account of the carer of the child. Regardless of the number of children benefiting all the payments will be made to one single account.

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